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Digital Hong Kong dollars? Is it different from electronic payment?

The Hong Kong Monetary Authority launched the "Digital Hong Kong Dollar" pilot scheme. Six selected companies from the financial, payment and technology sectors conducted the first trial this year, an
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What is the impact of US debt default on the market?

The U.S. government cannot make ends meet. Borrow money by issuing bonds, etc. Statistics As of October 2022, US debt has accumulated to $31 trillion. At present, the ceiling of US debt issuance is $3
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How to deal with the hegemony of the dollar?

Global "dollarization" plans abound. RMB Cross-border Settlement Payment System (CIPS) is a cross-border settlement system developed by the People's Bank of China. By the end of last year, there were
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What you need to know about the Fed's interest rate hike cycle

The Federal Reserve raised interest rates by 1/4% after the meeting, and stated and deleted the wording of continuing to raise interest rates, which meant that the interest rate hike cycle was over.
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Dedollarization? Does it affect us?

There are two main reasons for "dollarization": 1. After the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the United States used the hegemonic advantage of the US dollar to sanction Russia, such as freezing
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MPF提升上限 夠退休嗎?

According to media reports, the MPFA is now preparing. For the MPF from 2022 to 2026, The four-year contribution income benchmark will be reviewed in a new round, and the industry is expected to sugge
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If the United States raises interest rates, will Hong Kong increase?

Under the linked exchange rate system, theoretically, Hong Kong interest rate should follow the change of American interest rate. It is only a matter of time before the United States steps into the in
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Banking crisis-is the deposit guaranteed?

Banking crisis-is the deposit guaranteed? What protection do small depositors have in the recent global banking crisis? The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) in the United States can prote
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ChatGPT develops "plug-in"

OpenAI, the parent company of ChatGPT, is developing the plug-in function of ChatGPT recently, and initially plans to launch only 11 plug-ins, including reservation. Buy take-away food on internation
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Decline of the rich

The pace of raising interest rates this year has come to an end for the time being, but the sequelae are slowly showing symptoms, as evidenced by the bankruptcy of Silicon Valley Bank, SVB). More and
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Japan announced that Kazuo Ueda will take office as the next governor of the Bank of Japan on the 9th of next month, replacing Haruhiko Kuroda, who retired in April. The 71-year-old Kazuo Ueda holds
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Silicon Valley Bank went bankrupt.

Last Wednesday, Silicon Valley Bank suddenly announced that it would seek to raise $2.25 billion, which made an institution with sufficient capital explode the market. Panic, and extremely fast in 48
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Digital yen

The Bank of Japan began to study CBDC in 2020. At that time, the research was promoted by the cooperation of the Ministry of Finance, the Financial Services Department and the Central Bank. Two-stage
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ChatGPT, a chat robot launched by OpenAI.

Since its listing in November last year, From writing scripts, writing articles, drawing, arranging music to planning, we can do everything. And the more people use ChatGPT, Can improve ChatGPT's lear
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Different 2023

Just arrived in 2023, The financial market has changed color. Last year, both the US dollar and oil were under pressure. Well, the same assets have increased to varying degrees. The market that outpe
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222 Only when you lose less can you win.

2023 opened for a week, The hang seng index is not wrong, Go back upstairs to 20000 points. Coupled with customs clearance driving the property market, The market atmosphere is booming, Compared with
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2022 The dollar is thriving

Last trading day of 2022, Review the performance of the gold exchange market with you The U.S. dollar stands out among mainstream investment products As the Fed raised interest rates like crazy this
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World Cup Economics Creates Business Opportunities

With the coming of the World Cup every four years, every tournament has created unlimited business opportunities for the sports market. Since the World Cup was held in the United States in 1994, when
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Play with money and return to Zhao

There is a saying in the circle that playing with coins belongs to Zhao. Zhao is Zhao Changpeng's Zhao, the founder of Coin 'an, and one of the youngest Chinese richest people in the world. The acquis
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The Plaza Accord that you must recognize

The strength of the US exchange rate swept through financial markets in 2022, pushing down non-US currencies to the point of central bank intervention. The Bank of England intervened to buy bonds, the
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