Estimate the closing price of gold

Estimated closing price of gold game

* * The appraisal deadline is 20:00HKT on July 5, 2024.



1. First Prize: Supermarket gift certificateHK$2000 (1 winner)

2. Second Prize: Supermarket gift certificateHK$1000 (1 winner)

2. Prize: Supermarket gift certificateHK$200 (8 winners)


1. Fill in the price on the website of this activity (only one price is allowed for each person), and you can get the above prizes (10 places) which are the fastest estimated and the closest to the closing price.

This round is to estimate the closing price of gold at 04: 59 am Hong Kong time on July 6.

Qualification for participation

1. Like the Mingtak Finance Facebook page

2. Subscribe to Mingtak MTF YouTube

3. Join the Mingtak Financial Telegram

4. MTF client

The activity time

From July 1, 2024 (8:00 am) to July 5 , 2024 (20:00 pm) Hong Kong time.

Winners announced July 8 (th)at Mingtak Telegram group