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August 15th

Today's amplitude interval
The US dollar remained strong yesterday, the US dollar index rose above 103 points, the price of gold fell under pressure, and bears continued to dominate the gold market, testing the 200-balance moving average yesterday.

Where the $1908 is. Today's suggested volatility ranges from $1,900 to $1,913.

Country Garden officially suspended the trading of its 11 domestic bonds yesterday, and circulated a proposal to extend the domestic bonds due on September 2 for three years, which means that this has been

The most successful private real estate companies are completely trapped in the problem of capital flow; But the biggest thing is the mainland financial investment machine that invests in mainland real estate bonds.

Structure, in addition to the beginning of major losses, it can not be spit in the market, the lotus effect will continue to expand, hitting the overall economic prospects, national policies

It seems that there is nothing to do for the time being, so we have to put it off again and again, and small investors can only ask for more happiness! Hong Kong stocks opened 377 points lower yesterday and fell below 19,000 points at the opening.

Pass, at most, fell by 520 points, and the decline at the end of the market narrowed to 301 points or 1.85%. The Hang Seng Index finally closed at 18,773 points.

Investors are bearish on China's economic prospects, European luxury brand stocks are under pressure, and European banks with major affairs in the China Special Administrative Region are also dragged down.

The middle of the market is still relatively weak. When entering the US market, the Dow opened lower and then rose repeatedly, helping European stocks to make corrections before closing, and finally the three major European stocks.

The ticket market developed separately, with Germany's DAX index rising by 0.45%, France's Paris CAC index rising by 0.12% and Britain's FTSE 100 index falling by 0.24%.

Affected by the producer price index released last Friday being higher than the market expectation, US stocks opened lower, but the market began to take over, coupled with the catch-up of chip stocks.

Boom, investor sentiment is still high, and the three major stock indexes on Wall Street rose across the board to close, with the Dow Jones index up 0.07% and the Standard & Poor's 500 index up 0.58%.

The Nasdaq Composite Index rose 1.05%.

China's economic prospects are in danger, and the renminbi has gone to the US dollar significantly. In addition, the primary election results of the Argentine presidential election show that it advocates dollarization of the national currency.

Right-party candidates are ahead of other rivals, which impacts investors' confidence. On Monday, the Argentine government announced that it would devalue the peso by up to 18% to achieve the US dollar.

Yesterday was strong, the US dollar index rose above 103 points, and the gold price fell under pressure. The highest price of gold was $1,916.3, and the lowest price was $1,902.7, closing at $1,907.5.

It fell 6.3 dollars.

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