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August 14th

Today's amplitude interval
The inflation data in the United States is uneven, and the inflation data has dropped slightly year by year, but the producer price index is still higher than expected. Investors are worried that the Fed will increase the pressure to raise interest rates.

The dollar remains strong; Gold prices have fallen for three weeks in a row, and bears still dominate the gold market, testing the $1,908 of the 200-day moving average. Today's suggested volatility is at

1907 to 1924 dollars.

It can be reported that the mainland economy is already preparing for debt restructuring, and it is expected to start relevant procedures in the near future. There are signs of improvement in trading, which is worse according to China data.

Investors are worried that China will not recover in the post-epidemic era. Hong Kong stocks fell for two weeks in a row. In one week, the Hang Seng Index fell by 343 points or 2.38%, which was reported on Friday.

The market closed at 19075. The real estate company in the Mainland once again thundered, and Country Garden failed to approve shares last time. It has opened Pandora's box and made a profit last week.

Loss of 55 billion yuan, and said that there are two US dollar debt interest may not be able to repay, and in May, the approval of Country Garden service to pay dividends in advance is also very suspicious.

Retreat in order to get out, but Evergrande has a precedent to follow. When the housing enterprises are too big to fail, the state will not rescue them, but will take a big stake.

East uses all property to continue the operation of the enterprise; However, the domestic financial system was not immune to the fire, and Hong Kong stocks jumped 19,000 points.

Quite a lot!

Last week, the Italian authorities approved a 40% "windfall tax" on banks. Although the Italian authorities said that the windfall tax was only implemented once, it was still imposed on European banks.

Plate hit hard, the overall decline of nearly 3%, coupled with investors affected by the US economy, the three major European stock markets were divided last week, Germany DAX index.

It fell by 0.75%, the CAC index in Paris rose by 0.34%, and the FTSE 100 index in Britain fell by 0.53%. Last week, the United States announced the annual consumer price index for July.

The growth rate was 3.2%, which was slightly lower than the market expectation, but the producer price index released later was higher than the expectation, indicating that Tong Tong is still tenacious and has the opportunity to stimulate.

The motivation for the Fed to raise interest rates, the three major stock indexes on Wall Street developed separately last week, with the Dow Jones index up 0.62%, the Standard & Poor's 500 index down 0.31%, and NASS.

The Dow Composite Index fell 1.9%.

The dollar remained strong yesterday, although Williams, the third person in the Federal Reserve, said that he would not rule out the possibility of cutting interest rates in early 2024.

The upward trend of the US dollar index was suppressed, but the inflation data in the United States was uneven, and the inflation data decreased slightly year by year, but the producer price index was still higher than expected.

Analysts are worried that the Fed will increase the pressure to raise interest rates. Last week, the highest price of gold was $1,946.8, and last Friday, it closed at $1,912.4, which was close to the all-week low.

In a week, it fell by $28.9.

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