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August 25th

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Investors pay attention to the speech made by US Federal Reserve Chairman Powell at the annual meeting of global central banks in Jackson Hole tonight, and the economic data released by the United States yesterday.

Strong, aggravating the market's worries about the Fed's interest rate hike, the gold market is looking for a new direction after returning to the 200 antenna. Maintain the suggested volatility at 1906 US dollars today.

Yuan to $1925.

Mainland media reported that the net interest margin of domestic commercial banks has fallen to a low level in recent years, and banks may lower the deposit listing interest rate; This move has the opportunity to stimulate

Depositors can turn their savings into other investments and consumption, whether the former or the latter, which will help boost China's economy. On the other hand, the state has increased its efforts to ensure

Holding the RMB against the US dollar in a balanced trend and holding the 7.2 mark, the mainland stock market appreciated, and the Hang Seng Index also surged yesterday, rising by 427 points at most.

The market closed at 18,212 points, up 366 points or 2.05%.

Investors continue to pay attention to the annual meeting of global central banks held in Jackson Hole, USA, and Powell's speech as the host tonight. On the other hand, the United States

The economic data released yesterday was strong, and investors worried that it would affect the decision of the Fed doves. The three major European stock markets developed separately, while the German DAX index fell.

0.68%, the CAC index in Paris fell by 0.44%, and the FTSE 100 index in Britain rose by 0.18%. The durable goods orders announced by the United States yesterday are popular at the beginning of each week.

The data on the number of people applying for unemployment benefits, both of which outperformed market expectations, aggravated the market's worries about the Fed's interest rate hike, and the US 10-year national debt was in Powell.

Tonight, Jackson Hole's global central bank rebounded before its speech in 2008, and investors counted profits after chip stock Huida announced its ideal performance. Wall Street three.

Major stock indexes fell across the board, with the Dow Jones index down 1.08%, the Standard & Poor's 500 index down 1.35% and the Nasdaq Composite Index down 1.87%.

The durable goods orders announced by the United States yesterday and the weekly initial jobless claims data both outperformed market expectations, adding to the market's concern for the Fed.

Worried about raising interest rates, the 10-year national debt rebounded before Powell delivered a speech at Jackson Hole Global Central Bank this evening, and the gold market rose after breaking through the 1920 mark.

Narrowing, the highest price of gold was $1923.4, and the lowest price was $1911.8, which closed at $1916.8, up $1.4.

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