Four-losing streak


August 18th

Today's amplitude interval
The People's Bank of China instructed mainland financial institutions to defend the RMB exchange rate at a reasonable level, but the RMB eventually fell, plus the new US announced yesterday.

The number of jobless claims is lower than the market expectation, which makes the hawkish momentum of the Federal Reserve expand, and the price of gold falls in a consumptive way, and bears continue to dominate the gold market. Today's dimension

The recommended volatility ranges from $1884 to $1901.

Every other night, the Federal Reserve announced the minutes of the July meeting on interest rates, which showed that many US officials agreed that there was still an upward risk of inflation in the United States, suggesting that even if it was not in September,

Raising interest rates, but it will still maintain a longer period of tightening policy, which will affect the low income of US stocks. Hong Kong stocks opened more than 300 points at the bottom of the crack yesterday, and the decline immediately expanded and once lost.

Keeping the 18,000-point mark, the Hang Seng Index finally fell by less than 3 points or 0.01%, closing at 18,326 points and losing at 18,000 points.


Investors digested the minutes of the July interest rate meeting announced by the US Federal Reserve in the early hours of Thursday, and the US economic data released yesterday supported the Fed hawks.

The risk market has become more unattractive, with the three major European stock markets falling across the board, the German DAX index falling by 0.71%, and the CAC index in Paris, France.

The index fell by 0.94%, while the FTSE 100 index fell by 0.63%. After several participants of the US Federal Reserve warned of the risk of accidental over-tightening, it showed that

There are significant upward risks to inflation, and one of the key data mentioned is that the labor market is still tense; And the number of new jobless claims announced yesterday

Below market expectations, the momentum that the Fed will maintain a longer period of tightening policy has expanded. The three major stock indexes on Wall Street fell across the board, while the Dow Jones index fell.

0.84%, the Standard & Poor's 500 Index fell 0.78%, and the Nasdaq Composite Index fell 1.1%.

The People's Bank of China issued a report on the implementation of monetary policy in the second quarter, saying that the kinetic energy of global economic recovery weakened, which hindered the domestic economy from rising and formed a business economy.

There are many difficulties in business, and macro-control will be strengthened, including keeping the RMB exchange rate at a reasonable level. As soon as the report came out, the RMB fell slightly.

In order to calm down, the price of gold once rose to the level of $1,900, with the highest price of $1,903.5. When entering the US market, the US economic data showed an ideal performance and increased.

Investors were worried about the Fed's interest rate hike, and the price of gold turned down, reaching a peak of $1,885.1 and closing at $1,889.3, down $2.8.

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